Monday, January 26, 2009

Sean Hannity: His Own Parody

Family Values

Mr. Taken and I were just talking about how funny Fox News has become lately.

"But it wasn't funny during the Cheney Reich," I complained. "It was scary."

"Right," he said. "Now they're whining instead of gloating."

It's true. It makes a huge difference that they've lost their edge. At one point during Hannity's "show" (which is so absurdly entertaining that it reminds me of one of those bizarro Japanese chat shows) they played a clip from the movie, Election, starring the lovely Reese Witherspoon. It's intent was to imply similarity between Witherspoon's character and Hillary Clinton, but what I saw was the high school scenario; the one where the angry, nerdy republican is pissed at the smooth, popular democrat, because just when he thought the nerds finally had all the power of the universe, cool, good-looking, worshipped, basketball-playing Obama comes along and ruins their plans.

Take a look:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This rocks!: episode 1

I freaking love this. I think it should be socially acceptable for grown-ups to wear them in public too. I think I would be far less cranky toward my fellow man if I wore them. How lovely it would be to travel in relative silence! And really, is it such a weird thing? It's acceptable, sort of, to snap and chomp and visually display one's gum, so why would a set of headphones be out of place?

Makes perfect sense to me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

I admit that President Obama's swearing in brought a tear to my eye. The new First Family is truly an American Family. One that has such a bond that they can continue to joke even during the most solemn of ceremonies (The President made a remark about the box presented for Sasha to stand on).

The time has finally come. This man, with the help of his amazing wife, has brought Americans together in a way no one has been able to in my lifetime. As I lie in bed, aching with fever, I feel happy, and I feel excitement for our future instead of dread.



Although, as inspiring as the moment was, I have to say that I freaking loved the way the media had to report filler "stories" during the waiting times. It was the most frivolous, ridiculous fluff I've seen, and, sadly, completely predictable. Expected even. Like the conversations with Al Roker. Not as depressing as Kathie Lee's new show, but close. The Today Show is really cheapening itself, and it definitely was slutting it up with those inaugural filler spots. A PR dream. Fo sho.

And now, back to the inspiration: